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green coffee for weight loss


GREEN COFFEE FOR WEIGHT LOSS SUPPORTS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Moloshe Instant Green Coffee is made from Premium Arabica unroasted Green Coffee Beans, which supports your weight management goals and boosts metabolism. Aids weight management and boosts metabolism.Helps regulate blood pressure and regulate blood sugar.
REGULATES FOOD CRAVINGS: Green Coffee acts as a natural appetite suppressant which regulates food cravings,controls appetite, and helps in weight management.
ANTIOXIDANT : Moloshe Green coffee has upto 3X Antioxidant Power Vs. Regular Coffee.
How to Make: Empty the contents of a sachet in 150 ML hot or cold water. Mix and Stir. Serve.
Acts as a NATURAL DETOX and Enhances Energy Levels
MADE WITH CARE: Our Instant green coffee for weight loss is manufactured in GMP, ISO & FSSAI certified facility

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