How much do you know about the Path of Exile Heist

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The Path of Exile Heist has been updated in mid-September. As players, do you already understand the content of the Heist? In this version, exiles are allowed to infiltrate protected facilities to steal some of the most valuable POE Currency in the game. "Path of Exile" is one of the most frequently updated free games on the market. In addition, it is one of the most complex dungeon crawlers ever, with hundreds of passive tree nodes and a complex crafting system.

In this alliance, players can look forward to overcoming the curse. After the robbery alliance is activated, curses will be divided into two categories: spells and signs. Hexadecimal is a curse and has the widest range. It can quickly install Dooms. It is a self-made curse tool that can increase strength and cause damage after death.

This mark is not resisted by the enemy's curse. Including poacher brand, assassin badge, warlord badge and redesigned sniper badge. Players can combine Coming Doomsday to create structures that focus on using curses instead of traditional spells to cause damage.

The only copy of Path of Exile follows the same core design as the main copy, but is designed around a different version. For example, the Heart of Coum can increase lightning damage and +500 mana instead of +500 life, making it a reliable alternative to the cloak of the archmage. Replicas provide an interesting opportunity for uniqueness that has long been forgotten by people, and can be seen in the current Path of Exile metadata.

How much work will it take to complete the heist? What will be the spoils? In the Heist League, players can expect to find new basic item types, magic weapons and armor, gems of different qualities, and modified versions of the iconic "unique copy". Rare items dropped in the robbery will also use the new system, which will roll the items multiple times and then drop to choose the best result. Of course, a classic currency boom can be foreseen.

In fact, due to a new type of item called trash, players can change the rewards of predators. Ornaments are damaged items, similar to amulets with their own special equipment base. After the equipment is completed, they will prefer POE Trade, such as converting the percentage of the fallen wealthy balls into higher balls.