Chicago Bears: Madden 21 simulation for Week 7 versus Rams

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As Madden 21 progressed to the seventh week, the player's rating also fluctuated. Madden NFL coins can be used to buy your favorite players in Madden Ultimate Team. You can easily buy MUT 21 Coins in GameMS to build your own team.

The Chicago Bears scored another victory against the Carolina Panthers in Week 6. Although not pretty, it won the first place in the NFC North Division. Entering week 7, they will face a tough Los Angeles Rams team in the Monday Night Football game in Los Angeles. So, what does "Madden 21" predict the possible outcome of this game? Unfortunately, the Madden simulation resulted in a short loss and the final score was 24-21. Losing a close game is always difficult, and this game boils down to the field goal scored by Sam Sloman to win the game.

For the Bears, this is a solid game, considering they have to face Aaron Donald, their ball runs very well. David Montgomery has to pass 5.25 yards per pass, which is better than this defense. The Bears moved the ball well, but not good enough. Nick Foles did throw another interception, which is something we want him to stay away from in real life. The Bears' defense performed well again, with 7 sacks. Unfortunately, despite Jared Goff's difficult game with two interceptions, the Rams' performance was enough to suppress the victory. The Bears’ defense allowed the Rams to carry only 2.1 yards per team, showing Buster Skrine’s matchup with Cooper Kupp, who took over the game after making an excellent game.

Hopefully the Bears can do it slow enough to slow down Jared Goff and his passing offense and put some pressure on him to force them to make mistakes like Madden simulates. The Bears should be able to show offensive strength against the Rams, and they can only hope to achieve the best results against Aaron Donald and the Rams defense.

This is likely to be another bite, but I know the Bears can bear it. This game will be won in battle es, so it should be super fun. Hopefully Madden was wrong this week and the Bears won on Monday night. Madden NFL 21 coins are also an important part of the game. You can Buy Madden Coins to enhance the gaming experience.