The Madden 21 TOTW 7 player list includes Joey Bosa and Tyler Lockett

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Players know that every Madden 21 TOTW will bring some new players. In this event, many powerful new players including Joey Bosa and Tyler Lockett appeared in the game. As in the previous six weeks, players can also get some former star player cards and current stars during that particular week of the past season. They can buy some MUT 21 Coins and wait for the promotion to get these players. Players with strong financial strength can buy them directly.

Although EA had revealed some news about Madden 21 TOTW 7 in its previous report, it announced that the complete news arrived on Tuesday morning through EA’s Good Morning Madden Twitch. The event allows players to view every new card, including LTD and this week’s top players in offense and defense. The leader of TOTW 7 is the Joey Bosa card with a total score of 92, and it is also a brand new LTD card. It has 94 subtle motions, 93 motion recognition, 89 power motions, 88 acceleration and 87 power. This card is only available in packaging for a limited time, and players can also buy cards at auction houses.

TOTW 7’s Player of the Week is Tyler Lockett from the Seattle Seahawks. In the team’s 37-34 loss to the Arizona Cardinals, he recorded 200-yard catches and three touchdowns. For this reason, the new POTW card has upgraded attributes, such as 92 catches, 92 speeds, 90 spectacular catches, 89 deep runs and 87 middle runs. Besides these two cards, there are offensive and defensive hero players. This week will be Will Shields on offense and Rodney Harrison on defense.

In order to get the Tyler Lockett card of the best player of the week, players can bid or buy at the auction house. Or players can use some lower-rated player cards for it. To get the offensive hero Will Shields, players need to exchange two Justin Herbert cards, three Davante Adams cards, and three Harrison Bryant cards. For Defence Hero, it involves a set of two Jerry Hughes cards, three Devon White cards, and three Daniel Sorensen cards. Players can also Buy many Cheap MUT Coins at GameMS, which is very affordable for them.