World of Warcraft players can have a burly beast ally in Torghast

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WOW players working through the latest Shadowlands extension should be familiar with the ominous Torghast tower by now. This roguelike-style dungeon allows players to traverse multiple floors and pick up power along the way. A new event changes Torghast, providing players with a burly beast ally to help them clear their way through the Jailer Tower.

When players enter Torghast United, they will have four choices. Two of these will be typical Torghast upgrades, but the other two will be labeled "The Beast of Prodigum." These are special abilities that allow the Classic WOW Gold player to touch the beast. There are currently 3 allies: Varioc damages and silences nearby enemies; Nal’tari gives the player a lot of haste; Horgul taunts and stuns enemies.

This means that players do not need to team up with others to join the party. For example, Horgul makes a good tank at a critical juncture, while Nal'tari is an auxiliary beast, which makes the player more threatening.

Players will continue to gain the beast power of Prodigum Anima for the rest of the Torghast game. This further shakes the run and means that the player has good friends. Even if the WOW Classic Gold For Sale beast dies, they will come back after 20 seconds of the boot animation. Prodigum’s Beasts event applies to the standard Torghast level and is currently useful for Soul Ash. Players can use Soul Ash to create their own legend.

Special Torghast events will rotate regularly, which should make the rogue experience feel fresh. Future events include the Chorus of the Dead on February 9th and Endless Darkness on March 9th. For those who like the Pro monster, it will return on April 6.

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