What are the bright players in Madden 21 TOTW 16

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The situation in the NFL playoffs is getting fiercer. Madden 21 also followed the development trend of the game and added Madden 21 TOTW 16 and TOTW 17 to the game. Players who have now entered the event learned that they can use MUT 21 Coins to get the Player of the Week and LTDs. Among them are two superstars from the Cowboys for players to choose to strengthen their lineup. A golden opportunity is waiting for players to grasp. Players quickly feel what these players are outstanding.

In Madden 21 TOTW 16, EA gave the best card to New Orleans Saints’ EA Jared Cook, which has performed exceptionally well recently. Although his team lost in the NFL division battle some time ago, Cook is still receiving an LTD TOTW card from his time with the Tennessee Titans. In addition to these seemingly powerful Madden 21 Coins, he also has a rating of 97 for special catches, a rating of 95 for short runs, and a rating of 91 for tight bursts.

Michael Gallup joins Cook with a 95 OVR card as TOTW 16 Player of the Week. The Cowboys Wide Receiver has 95 Catch in Traffic, 95 Spectacular Catch, 94 Speed and 94 Jumping. The Offense Hero for Week 16 is Santana Moss, while former Carolina Panthers star Luke Kuechly is Defense Hero. Both players receive 95 OVR cards, which could give their respective theme teams or MUT rosters a nice boost.

As per previous practice, each TOTW will bring new challenges and content to players. Players can use their line-up to play in the event and see which areas of their shortcomings need to be reinforced. If they can win the game, they can receive loads of TOTW tokens and Madden coins, as well as hot stripe packs, as rewards. The game they have to participate in is a duel between the Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles.

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