How's The Game Of Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Although the play is very simple, Aniaml Crossing New Horizons as in the past the one and only the incredible content and exquisite details of the Animal Crossing club have also inherited all the core fun of the series. You can experience the most fascinating cycle of return here. You can meet the most energetic NPC, and enjoy the quiet little life that belongs to you on this unique island. If you haven't met the Animal Crossing Club series, this is the best time for you to enter the pit.

If you need Aniaml Crossing New Horizons" is a video game developed and manufactured by Nintendo intelligence development headquarters, which was released in Japan in 2001. The game uses a lot of built-in clocks and calendars to simulate real time. Players live in a village inhabited by anthropomorphic animals and carry out various activities. It was voted the most animated game by Japanese players. Welcome to buy cheap ACNH nook miles ticket at

Multiplayer game has always been one of the key ways to play in the series of Aniaml Crossing New Horizons. The multiplayer part of this work is not much different from the previous one. Players can travel to their friend's island to pick their friend's fruit, or buy their store's unique goods; they can also fish and catch insects together, and simply enjoy the fun of playing together.

At present, there are still some parts of the multiplayer model worth optimizing. For example, in this mode, players can't place or move their own furniture at will; once someone is offline due to network reasons, the whole island will be forced back to file; when someone visits or leaves, all players will be forced to enter the animation - I understand that this is probably caused by loading the other party's information, but I have to say that it really makes the rhythm of the game seem a little broken.

In addition, we are not sure whether there will be a multiplayer play area similar to the previous "South Island" for players to play all kinds of small games together. If Nintendo can push this mode for the players in the future, it will certainly make the multiplayer fun of the game to a higher level.

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