Don't hesitate to ask any more questions if you want

Don't hesitate to ask any more questions if you want


That makes sense. Except I already created a participant and began the tutorial and I had been under the impression that RuneScape game was *mostly* totally free, meaning that even though you're able to pay to play with and get a lot more choices and stuff to do this way, I had been told by someone on a different sub that you have access to RS gold a lot of stuff together with the free variant independently? This was finally one of the reasons I decided to start looking into it, other than the fact that it looks like a game that is pretty sweet.

Is it not free? I'm fine with one time fee games but subscription paid matches I find I am less likely to play them since I occasionally go through fazes where I am completely bored of video games and that may last anywhere between a couple of day to a couple of months. I wouldn't want to be regularly paying to get a game if I wasn't always going to be playing it. Unless it's kinda like Netflix in which you initiate and are able to cancel?

Having fun is of course the most essential part. In runescape there are but most of it is composed of leveling your skills, slaying monsters and completing quests. For those skills you are able to click on them in your stats menu to see what you've unlocked, then you understand what you could do to train. If you are stuck Perhaps you will want to look for the wiki. You have a bunch of combat related abilities trained by battling monsters, and a ton of abilities such as mining and smithing to make melee armour and firearms fishing and cooking to fish food which you can use to heal yourself.

Then there is quests, which are indepth compared to other games. From the pursuit menu you can see what things are expected to complete the quest as well as where to start it and it is difficulty. I'd recommend starting with a couple of sixth age quests because they had been created after 2013ish and some of the old quests (believe from 2001) do not hold up that well and may be off puting for new players. I would also recommend not doing quests that have other quests as recommended while they have not been completed by you, if you care to your storry. In such a case you will not understand the plot.

Finally of earning money on the subject, there is something called the exchange in Varrock's northwest. Here you can purchase and sell items to other players, netting you than when you'd sell them into a store in game much more. You could find a ton of things in the market you can't find in other shops. Well that was quite the article but I hope it will help. Don't hesitate to ask any more questions if you want.

Yeah I would prefer to be able to follow together with the story line and make sure I know it yeah, I won't do before I can do precisely the ones those quests that urge quests. I do really enjoy the idea of promoting other players our stuff. Although, who decides the costs at the close of the day? Or is it something that gamers wind up working out between themselves because people know what items are worth so people would not attempt to sell something for a price? Unless of course if they understand a player wanted to be an asshole and scam a noob they're a player. I would imagine that happens occasionally.I have never once met an ex-ga mer who thought all the time playing RuneScape, WoW, whatever was not a waste of life. Once I was a kid I discovered the Runescape black market forums (rip fgf) and spent time trading accounts and also making the ailing GPs by doing middlemen such and things. That ai not bad for a child although wound up cashing out and bought a brand new computer at 14, ended up about wage returns. I took that computer and got into WoW, which was a buy OSRS gold waste of my entire life.