How to stop hair loss easily by yourself at home during Covid 19

Let’s do something to strengthen hair and reduce hair loss



Hair loss can be a daunting problem for many people as the cause of hair loss can be due to a number of reasons. However, there are many easy ways to reduce hair loss by yourself.

  1. Eating food that nourishes the hair

Eating good food is the first habit that you can do to change and improve your hair. Eating foods that help strengthen your hair in order to reduce hair loss. You will clearly see the big different of before and after eating nourished hair foods such as eggs, salmon, beans, red meat, tofu, and many more as these foods contain essential vitamins and substances that hairs need.

  1. Avoid high heat, dye, and perm

Sometimes you just have to let your hair be. Try not to heat, dye, and perm it often because these activities weaken your hair significantly.

  1. Using hair care products

Shampoo selection is just as important as any other routine because no matter how good we eat or reduce heat consumption on our hair, but if we choose the wrong shampoo or the one that cannot respond to hair loss problem, the reduction of hair loss is still not effective. Therefore, you should use shampoo for hair loss.